Our Focus is young people up to 8 years of age and their families and carers

The first years of a child’s life are critical to good health and an education

and these are the essential building blocks to a successful life.

We believe that:

  • For multiple reasons, the opportunities available to young children in Australia are not equal
  • Community led children’s initiatives provide long-lasting benefits and build capacity within communities.
  • Philanthropy cannot replace government as the primary provider of health and education services for children.  Yet if we can strategically fund innovation and new ways of thinking we can offer alternative solutions to endemic problems experienced by children and their families.
  • Positive change takes time.  We are willing to provide financial support over multiple years.

Our Grantmaking

We strive to be a good partner for grant recipients and welcome the chance to collaborate with other foundations where there is an alignment of aims and approach

Sabemo currently has long-term support partnership agreements with:

Our Place
Family Linq

Prior to 2022 Sabemo had a focus on place based collective impact and four-year partnership agreements with:

go goldfields
The Hive

In 2022 Sabemo also provided support to

Tomorrow Today
Oz Child

Grantmaking Principles and Process

.Sabemo is not currently accepting unsolicited grant requests preferring to conduct its own search in its current areas of interest.

Sabemo does not support endeavours that are outside its core focus of children 0 – 8 years and their families.

Sabemo has a preference to fund for multiple years with a “light touch” on reporting allowing the management of the grant recipient to focus upon their operations.

Sabemo looks for communities that are grant ready in the sense that there is community leadership and a community organisation committed to change that will result in a better outcome for their children.

Sabemo has a preference for a portfolio of grants delivering the same or a similar service at different locations and through different organisations