THE SABEMO FOUNDATION works to impact and improve the lives of Australian children in communities of high need.



THE SABEMO FOUNDATION was formed in 1998 in memory of and made possible by a  generous bequest of Vittorio Moratelli.   The foundation was named after the construction and engineering group that he led, SABEMO, together with his partners Franco Belgiorno and Carlo Salteri for over 35 years. The name ‘Sabemo’ was coined from the first two letters of each partner’s surname.

The company’s success was largely due to a passionate dedication to excellence and the integrity of the man who ran it.


(left to right) Franco Belgiorno-Nettis, Vittorio Moratelli, (cartoonist) Bill Leak and Carlo Salteri


Prime Minister Paul Keating and Vittorio Moratelli

His wish was to form a charitable trust to support projects that help children is the basis of the Sabemo Foundation, specifically focusing on children up to 8 years with the aim of providing assistance and early intervention during the unseen period of a child’s life from birth until formal education begins.

The Foundation board is comprised of Moratelli family and independent members.


From its inception in 1998 THE SABEMO FOUNDATION recognised the significance of the early years of a child’s life in its growth and development. To that end we identified Early Intervention services focused on the family and community as the context for program delivery both in direct funding for child centred services and also in more indirect support for research directed at new ways of providing Early Intervention for children and families.  We provided grant to a range of service delivery programs as well as funding Research into best practice Early Intervention programs.

In 2015 the foundation reviewed its grant-making methods and with input from a small group of key Early Intervention experts made the decision to embrace a new way of working. Discontinuing the previous submission driven way of working, we opted for a more intensive way of working with place based, community led grant-making based on Collective Impact principles.

This is an integrated approach with multiple funders and agencies working with better alignment of outcome objectives and sharing measurement tools. Self-identified community needs are the starting point for this work with the objective of bringing the most ‘in-demand’ services into the communities thereby supporting families and in time increasing their trust in the ‘system’. Currently we have two sites where we support Collective Impact programs

The foundation has provided multi year funding to two collective impact projects.  For more information on the projects, click below

                             The Hive (Mount Druitt, New South Wales)

                             Go Goldfields (Central Victoria)


Donations are accepted from Individuals and organisations that wish to support the work of THE SABEMO FOUNDATION.

Dontations of $2 or more are tax deductible




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